Online or in-person mentoring to help accelerate the growth of your business. Sessions are bespoke to your needs and we work on the pain points and your ambition for the business.

Your business plan, website, portfolio and brand are looked at and expert suggestions made about how to improve how you are perceived by your target clients. We’ll work on the areas you’d like to cover and a strategic plan will be developed with actionable tasks outlined to help you achieve your goals.

Business Coaches, Larry Earnhart and Sharif Kishawi, can help with developing your idea into the business you always wanted to do. If you don’t have a mentor, they can help you connect to one.

“Behind every successful business person is a great mentor.”

Marketing Guru, Tamara Cameron can help with content, marketing and online. She explains why mentoring can accelerate your business growth.

“Having someone there you’re accountable to who can guide you on the right path and just be a sounding board for opportunities or issues which might arise is incredibly useful.”

Allow us to help you improve your business idea. Subjects covered could include:

Pricing / Marketing / Planning / Business Efficiency / Sales / Financial Skills / Social Networking Tips / Blog Writing Tips