When does the workshop begin?

This workshop is self paced. You can begin whenever you like and then follow your own pace, or you can join in a live webinar and virtual coaching session. Your coach will help you set goals for yourself to make sure you get the most value from the workshop.


Business Planning

The Business Planning Framework includes questions for each element aimed at getting you to think creatively about your business and to uncover what really matters about each component.

The cost of skipping over these parts is a plan that’s too rigid and too isolated from the world of your customer. (Which is why our planning stage culminates in what we call a Business Plan Template.)

This is one of our favorite stages because it’s where so many insights happen.

Where do those insights come from? Your customers (even though they’re just potential customers at this time).

There are 5 steps to the Planning stage and in this conversation we’ll walk you through each one with plenty of stories and explanations to get these ideas embedded in your process.

Our roadmap guides you through every step of your business, from dream to plan to execution, iteration, to quitting your job.

Planning Steps:

The real meat of each of these items is in the conversation. The items below are meant as simply a placeholder while you listen to the episode.

  1. Interview potential customers (BEFORE you start building any plans).
  2. Research competition. How are others approaching this problem? It’s a huge myth that entrepreneurs only work on problems nobody’s solved yet.
  3. Define what kind of business you’ll build.
  4. Identify what problem you think you’ll solve.
  5. Complete a business plan template.