When does the workshop begin?

This workshop is self paced. You can begin whenever you like and then follow your own pace, or you can join in a live webinar and virtual coaching session. Your coach will help you set goals for yourself to make sure you get the most value from the workshop.


Market Research

How conversations with customers can save your business

If you had the opportunity to minimize the risk of your business idea failing before you even got started, would you take it?

Of course the obvious answer is “yes”, and yet, having real conversations with customers is one of the most skipped steps among entrepreneurs. Why is that?

First of all, conducting customer interviews involves, well, talking to people. If chatting with strangers is not exactly your favorite past time, you’re definitely not alone.

Secondly, you might find out that the idea in your head isn’t as rock solid as you thought it was. That can be a tough pill to swallow when you feel so certain about the direction you’re headed in. The idea of “starting over” on a product is enough to send many entrepreneurs running in the opposite direction.

Our task: to find customer acceptance

And unfortunately, most businesses don’t figure out whether anyone will pick up what they’ve put down until they’re out of money, out of time, and subsequently out of business.

So this course is all about avoiding that fate. It’s about addressing assumptions and challenging your core business assumptions before charging ahead, as counter-intuitive and scary as it might feel.

now, the good news is we don’t leave you high and dry here — in this course you’ll learn a a clear process and plan for talking with potential customers that will take you from “nervous and uncertain” to “prepared and excited”.

You’ll leave this course with:

  • A question framework you need to get started,
  • You’ll know where and how to find customers to speak with,
  • And you’ll be ready to interpret your results at the end.